White fillings in Sarasota Florida can restore teeth and change your smile

June 25, 2012

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White fillings tooth restoration Sarasota FLWhite fillings, also known as dental composite, is basically synthetic resins and these resins are used in dentistry as adhesives or restorative material. Cosmetic dentists like Dr. Peter Engelsberg use white fillings for treating cavities, repairing a broken tooth, correcting a crooked smile and other for other dental procedures. White fillings are used in dentistry since several years but the advancement in technology has given dentists an influential array of restorative tools. Composite bonding involves the use of a tooth-colored plastic mixture filled with glass and this material bond with the natural tooth. White fillings restore the tooth and at the same time give the look of a natural tooth. Besides being used as a filling, dental composite is also used directly on the tooth to give the tooth a better look and shape.

White fillings are available in different shades of color and your dentist can find the right color for you according to the color of your natural teeth. The result: you wouldn’t even be able to guess where the natural tooth ends and the white filling begins. Metal fillings look unsightly, forget those and go for white fillings; no one will even notice that you have had a cavity filled.

Restoring teeth with tooth-colored fillings

At Midtown Dental Center in Sarasota Florida, Dr. Peter Engelsberg usually just takes 10-15 minutes per tooth for composite restoration procedure. If the treatment involves some complication then it might take longer. The point is, white filling procedures are very quick and easy. Most of the procedures of white filling are done in single appointment at Midtown Dental Center.

A local anesthesia is administered before a composite restoration procedure. If you have tooth decay then your dentist shall remove those areas using conventional drills, dental laser or micro air abrasion. Don’t worry, it is not as sore as it sounds! In order to bond the composite with the tooth, special materials will be used. Dr. Peter Engelsberg applies different layers of white fillings of different shades and color and this gives it a completely natural look. No one would be able to guess you had a dental treatment done.

White fillings, after being shaped and sculpted, is hardened by a high-intensity light. This step might be repeated several times by the dentist and as the composite get harder it fixes better. Lastly, the surface of the white filling is polished so that it sparkles like a natural tooth.

White fillings and composites can be used for the treatment of the following dental and/or cosmetic problems:

  • Old and unpleasant fillings can be replaced by white fillings
  • Fractured or chipped teeth can be repaired by white fillings
  • The color of the teeth can be changed
  • Re-contouring and/or reshaping of the teeth
  • Spaces and gaps between the teeth can be eliminated
  • Tooth wear and other signs of age can be minimized

Consult with your dentist today

If you have any dental issues that tooth-colored fillings can resolve, make an appointment with Midtown Dental Center today. Your Sarasota Florida cosmetic dentist and his dental team will be happy to give you the dental treatment you need for a great smile and the best oral health.

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