Professional teeth whitening in Sarasota Florida

July 30, 2012

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Professional teeth whitening in Sarasota FloridaIt is a fact that over-the-counter teeth whitening products are less expensive than professional teeth whitening treatment and these products are easily available as well. But you need to know that the results of over-the-counter teeth whitening products are neither long lasting nor significant, in fact most of the times these products severely damage the enamel of the tooth and make the situation even worse. A skilled cosmetic dentist is just the right person who knows how to professionally whiten your teeth and this is the reason why a cosmetic dentist serving patients in Bradenton and Sarasota Florida applies teeth whitening products that are stronger and offer much better and long lasting results compared to normal teeth whitening products available in stores.

What are the risks of using over-the-counter teeth whiteners?

Many over-the-counter teeth whitening products in Bradenton and Sarasota Florida do not contain the proper levels of hydrogen peroxide and this can be severely harmful for your teeth. Most of such products are not monitored for safety and hygiene. When a patient approaches Dr. Peter Engelsberg of Midtown Dental Center for a teeth whitening procedure, he uses a teeth whitening system which is completely safe, long lasting, and proven.

Professional teeth whitening by your cosmetic dentist

If you use over-the-counter teeth whitening products you are actually on your own regarding safety and efficacy of those products. It is highly risky to take such a step. Your teeth are very important and you should always discuss every matter related to your teeth with your dentist. Dr. Peter Engelsberg of Midtown Dental Center, your Sarasota Florida cosmetic dentist, will take a mold of your teeth and then make custom-fitted teeth whitening trays. The teeth whitening procedure also includes an oral examination to ensure that the teeth are healthy and to determine the appropriate strength of the whitening gel to be used for the whitening procedure. Dr. Engelsberg applies the appropriate strength of the whitening gel which would lead towards long lasting and safe results. When teeth whitening procedure is performed by a professional cosmetic dentist then the result is safer and more satisfying.

Say goodbye to teeth stains with professional teeth whitening

People who have discolored teeth often feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when they talk or smile in public and this ruins their self-confidence. If you have stains on your teeth or if you have discolored teeth then a teeth whitening procedure done by a trusted cosmetic dentist is the best option for you. Bright and white teeth can change your personality. A professional teeth whitening procedure improves your confidence and gives you more reasons to smile. So, make an appointment with your Sarasota dentist today and start flashing those sparkling white teeth.

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