A gentle dentist in Sarasota Florida keeps the dental phobia away

May 25, 2012

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Find a gentle dentist in Sarasota Florida

Statistics show that about 80% of Americans are afraid to visit the dentist’s office. Are you one of those people too? Some of the people who are afraid to go to the dentist somehow find the courage to visit the clinic because they understand that it is essential and it has to be done anyway, but some people completely avoid dental visits due to their fear. This fear is known as dental phobia.

According to Dr. Peter Engelsberg in Sarasota Florida, one of the most common reason behind dental phobia is a bad past experience. Anxiety disorder is another common cause of dental phobia. Some people are not actually afraid of the pain involved, but they are afraid due to the lack of control and the lack of ability to respond during a dental procedure and people get stressed in this condition.

Patients who are afraid of dentists are not able to share their feelings openly with the dentist. This is why dentists should be ready and trained to treat such patients by making them comfortable and walking through the process with them. A gentle dentist is usually able to make a nervous patient comfortable and relaxed during a dental treatment.

If you are the one who is afraid to go the dentist, then you should choose the dentist who has an office that has a soothing environment. This means that a dentist’s office should have an environment which does not remind the patient of his or her fear and there should be a number of distractions available to help the patients feel comfortable, for example massage chairs, radio, DVD library, etc.

One of the most important approaches to make the patients comfortable during a dental treatment is to simply communicate and talk with the patient throughout the procedure. When the dentist tells the patient how it is going to feel, for how long it will be felt, etc the patient senses that everything is under control and this makes the patient feel at ease. Dr. Peter Engelsberg of Midtown Dental Center, your Sarasota Florida gentle dentist, asks such patients a couple of times during the treatment if they can continue with the procedure. If the patients are assured that their appointment can end anytime they want, they are certain that they can leave whenever they want and this controls their fear.

There are certain relaxation techniques as well, which are beneficial for patients who suffer from dental phobia. For example, inhaling and exhaling at a slow and controlled pace can help you in relaxing at the dentist’s office. Take a deep breath, hold it and let it out slowly, this will relax your muscles. Progressive muscle relaxation is another good technique to keep you relaxed. Just tense and relax different muscle groups and it can keep your muscles relaxed in stressful situations.

Dr. Peter Engelsberg, your Midtown Dental Center gentle dentist in Sarasota Florida, can help you overcome your dental fears so you can have the dental treatment that you need without having to experience stress and anxiety. Make an appointment with your gentle dentist today.

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