Dental implants offer freedom from dentures in Sarasota Florida

July 26, 2012

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Dental implants Sarasota FloridaHaving missing teeth affects your ability to chew and may result in damage or even loss to neighboring teeth. If you want your teeth restored, you should immediately contact your implant dentist in Sarasota Florida, Dr. Peter Engelsberg at Midtown Dental Center, and consider replacing your missing teeth with dentures or denture alternatives. Dentures restore the chewing abilities of patients and bring back their smile.

The biggest problem with having a missing tooth or teeth is its inherent negative effect on a person’s appearance and confidence. Dentures used to be the best solution to missing teeth but implant dentistry has provided a better option. Dental implants should be immediately considered by someone who has failing or losing teeth. Teeth implants are an excellent solution to bridgework and endodontic treatment.

Problems with dentures

The biggest disadvantage of dentures is that dentures can slip and move in the mouth anytime when you are talking with someone or eating something! Dentures can get loose in the mouth and this is the why these can slip in the mouth. On the other hand, if the dentures are too tight then these might injure the tissues of the mouth. You might be able to find many denture adhesives and fixatives in your local store but these adhesives and fixatives are not permanent solution to the problem. Users of dentures have to apply these adhesives frequently and this is one irritating process. Also, many people do not like the taste of those products in the mouth.

Keeping these disadvantages in mind, is there any other option for people who have missing teeth? Yes, certainly there is now a wonderful option thanks to the advancement of technology. Your Sarasota Florida cosmetic dentist can restore your missing teeth and give you freedom from dentures if he is an implant dentist like Dr. Peter Engelsberg of Midtown Dental Center.

How do I know dental implants are right for me?

Usually most patients are good candidates for dental implants. Dental implants are root devices, which can connect crowns, bridges, and dentures with the jawbone directly just like natural roots of the teeth. You can have teeth that are permanent and would not be slipping in your mouth. In order to be a good candidate for implant dentistry you need to have healthy gums and jawbone.

Implant dentistry has made great advances for those who need to replace their missing teeth, but it is not an easy decision to make. Dr. Peter Engelsberg of Midtown Dental Center, your Sarasota Florida implant dentist, is more than qualified to provide dental implants, with extensive training and experience in the field of restorative dentistry.  Make an appointment today to have your missing teeth restored without having to wear dentures.

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